Thursday, August 27, 2009


How to Make a Hoodoo Pendulum

This is a good idea for your root practice ~Using a piece of string with a heavy object tied to the opposite end as a tool of divination is really old and frequents many cultures. Using a traditional 'root' gives it a hoodoo twist . We will use a piece of dogwood, which is found all over the south and considered a holy or special tree by many. A drilled buckeye will also work well!

Get Some:

  • Piece of Dogwood - or a buckeye: put a hole in it.
  • Some kind of string or thread- lets use hemp four our purposes,found in *al-Mart in the crafts department.
  • Measure off the string so that it measures 8 1/2 inches.
  • Tie one end of the string around the piece of dogwood. Make sure that you knot the string and that it is securely fastened around the herb.

  • Tie a simple knot in the opposite end of the string. This knot will ensure that as you are working with the pendulum that the string will not slip through your fingers.

  • When working with the pendulum hold the string (directly below the knot you just made) firmly between your thumb and first finger while resting your elbow on a solid surface, such as a table.

  • The basic principles of working with pendulums apply to the hoodoo pendulum as well. Approach the pendulum with YES and NO questions.


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